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Photography Subforums comments and suggestions

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i was actually wondering when the photography subforums will be opened, and now here it is (as BH announced recently).


let me start the ball rolling:

* a showcase section -- where photos can be critiqued (differentiated with the one we have in the graphics section), and will showcase member photos

* an open-source/stock photos section -- where members can freely add photos they have captured for public use, with the condition that it is made to enjoy a Free Art license (or any license as may be decided by Xisto in general... some research on creative commons licenses may be needed [see COPYLEFT]). or perhaps it can be royalty-free (requiring a one-time fee to owner of the photo). it would be useful to determine beforehand the terms of use for photos which are posted in this section, so it will give our members the explicit knowledge on how their photos can be utilized by others if they opted to post them in our forums.


other ideas?


Hey this is actually a pretty good idea. Not only does it attract more members, but stock photos are something that I loved! Now a forum for it? Awesome.


I have created a subforum called: A View Through The Lens (playing with the term TTL).Let me see if Stock Photo section might be overlapping with GFX Resource section.