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Helloi got a .info domain microd1.infothat i want to use for http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ have put the dns ns1.trap17.com & ns2.trap17.comis there any thing else i should i mean some thingin my cpanel or any whereor thats it.....i just waitit is showing me this after i entered the dns_______________________________Server Hostname | Server IP Address_______________________________ns1.trap17.com | | tell me if i need to make any additional setting any where?thank youbye


you have to make one last change. go to cpanel, then click parked domains under site management, then enter the domain in there then it is ready to be used(as soon as the dns takes affect that is);)


Hey.....thanks i did its working nowbut 1 question...i have about 20 domainsand i want about 5 or 6 domainsto be used here, can i do thatbe repeating the above taskwill there any problem or am i allowed or not