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Something Perhaps Interesting To Discuss The loyalty towards Trap17

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I've always wondered: What was the thing that created the "loyalty" towards Xisto? Xisto is becoming large enough to have small effects seen in real life politics etc... what I mean is, it seems like Xisto is somewhat an authoritarian state, where people are censored and speak only what the government wants them to say. I guess I'm always the person to note out some things that I'm concerned about regarding the "regular members".What I notice is that people will ALWAYS say good stuff about Xisto. People who don't, will most likely add something like "Most likely this is going to be deleted by the moderators and I might get banned, but...." at the end, to claim that they are "aware" of Xisto's censorship. Personally I think Xisto is managing really well because of the fact that the users on Xisto is not always in place, unlike some extremely targeted sites, like University forums. But the fact that we can't trust the users, will result in the fact that some users tend to be scared or not trust Xisto. After all, there is no judicial system or anything: people just get banned. But I do find it interesting that Xisto is somewhat emulating what's happening in some authoritarian states. Anyone have any comments? I'm not sure if I expressed my point of view just yet, but perhaps someone could make this discussion a bit more interesting :XD:


Personally I have no problem with people speaking their mind. The only thing that seems to get censored is anything said about Xisto or Xisto - Web Hosting (or anything else Xisto-related) that simply isn't true. I have seen plenty of posts in my time here that haven't said great things about Xisto but as long as they are 'tasteful' and make fair comments (a sort of review context - its a bit hard to describe what I mean) then I don't think they should be removed or hidden, and as far as I'm aware they generally aren't.

After all, there is no judicial system or anything: people just get banned.

There may not be a judicial system, but the warnings and notes left by us do guide people. Quite often after you point something out and give a link to the rules/readme then people generally improve. The only time I can think you would go to an immediate ban with no warning or advice is if a member has come here just to flood the forum with spam - if its clear they're not here to better the forum but just to advertise or post their links and they are becoming a real problem by repeatedly posting (like a few minutes apart) and need to be stopped.