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User With Multiple Accounts

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If you are to look up the IP address this is what you find.

Name IP Address Posts Date Registered Group OptionsComatose 1 Today, 09:47 PM Members Edit Member
QuickGreen 68 25-April 07 Members Edit Member
Drew 8 18-February 07 Members Edit Member
RaidTheArcade 1 28-January 07 Members Edit Member

Now I don't really know why this user creates multiple accounts, I think it's basically so he can advertise his site which contains many referral links to money making sites that would benefit him. My guess is he doesn't want to get in trouble for spamming his site everywhere when it's in his profile, and signature and what not. I don't really know how to handle this or if there is anything to be dealt with other than a few topics I found that I'll delete after people see what he does.

Of course it's not like they are applying for hosting with all of them but I just didn't know what is done if something like this occurs since none of them are banned.


Good find, pleno.I think we should leave it for admins to decide. There is a rule against multiple accounts per IP, but there have been exceptions granted in the past.


I left a comment on the report center.As long as the topic follows our forum rules (descriptive and informative) a topic promoting his/her own site is allowed. However, we do not need multiple topics talking about the same site--that's why we merge.If you come across a topic with just a live link and no real on going discussions, please move to SPAM section. This topic is basically in Xisto for their linkback purposes.