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Hello,I was going through the forum today, I had my signature switched on so that I could screen through members signatures. I found a member who had a link for Free Web Hosting by another company, i don't know what to do...Should I let him advertise the other company. P.S he is hosted with us and is advertising another company..:P Is that allowed? I talked to OpaQue about this and he suggested that I remove the link and also contact Buffalo here. I don't want to remove the link without Buff's approval for I do not want the members complaining or anything.HELP!!!


Removing the link is standard Operating Procedure. The only allowed references to other Free Web Hosting services is in Web Hosting Review Sub Forum.


So... What do I do? Remove the link and send him a Pm or something. If you explained better It would be appreciated :PThanks for your help though


Remove the link, it's bad (n)etiquette anyways. Remember, Admins have are back on our actions (assuming it's a good act), and i'm sure BuffaloHELP would also agree with removing the link. You may send the user a PM to prevent any further "advertising" and to inform him that it's not polite to do such a thing.


Ya I agree with everyone here. Why advertise another free host while you are using another one. If he doesn't like Trap's services he/she wouldn't be hosted here, so I am sure they will understand that having links to another host is impolite. Plus it's disallowed and in the rules which they should have read.


In the past, I have removed stuff from the member's signature and then added a note to the signature about the content I have removed.Example,

Notice from jlhaslip:
Your siggy has been edited by me to remove the link to another free web hosting service which violate our terms of service.


I agree with everyone here :P


Thanks a lot guys,I will keep this in mind next time I see a sig of that sorts .Cheers


I personally think that you should just secretly remove it without putting any warning, since no one will really notice.