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A Suggestion New forum category perhaps?

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Hm.. I've been thinking of a new forum category, and a good category I thought of was "Web 2.0". There are so many things out there that are amazing, like Thinkfree at http://www.thinkfree.com/main.jsp and others. There are so many really good online services, even Facebook and Youtube are the popular web 2.0 sites. Other sites like webware top 100 etc have lists of them. I thought it would be a pretty good category... any ideas?


This would be a good category I think but it's a hard definition to describe sometimes. So if we were to do this then I think it would need necessary for it to be moderator approval only because sometimes it may not best fit the definition well so in that case maybe should be moved over to the Web Discussion area instead. I had a few other ideas for forums before but I can't really recall them at the moment so I'll update my post when I can. I'm a little out of it after my stupid math test. :P


A Web 2.0 forum is a good idea, but as Plenoptic, there are debates as to the actual definition of it. Plus, what would you do if you wanted to review a Web 2.0 site? Would it go into the Web 2.0 section or the Website Reviews section? I'm sure there would be a bit of confusion over it. As long as it was made clear what counted as Web 2.0 and exactly what goes in that forum then it shouldn't be a problem. Making it moderator approval might not be necessary - you could always try it and if we end up moving loads of topics then make it moderator approval.


How about Web2.0 section under Programming? Would that help out the distinction on what Web2.0 we're referring to? Or will that conflict with CSS and others?

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"Web 2.0" shouldn't be listed under "Programming" it is not a programming language. AJAX, a Web 2.0 language should though. It could be listed under "The Internet" but the whole concept it made redundant by having website discussion, reviews and showcasing forums, as rvalkass explained. For these reasons, I don't think it would.


Noted! :PThank you.