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A Few Questions For The Staff

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Alright well I've spent a lot of time today looking through posts, how-tos and other guides trying to learn the ropes. I have asked a few questions by PM to jlhaslip but there are a few I am gonna bug the whole staff with. :P I was trying to figure out how to moderate the shout box in the event of an external link or whatever I wasn't sure if I was able to moderate that as well and jlhaslip explained to me how to hover over a shout to have the (Mod) appear next to the shout but that didn't work for me. I tried in Firefox and IE but neither worked. Just wondering if I'm not supposed to or if there is just something wrong. Also, in a topic like this in the Staff forum, should I put in brackets something in the topic title so if it shows up in the recently posted topics people will know it's for staff only and won't waste their time clicking it? Of course some will probably click anyway so I guess it won't matter but I figured I'd ask while I'm at it.


As to the 'public' seeing the Topic, simply close the Topic and it will not show on the Latest Topics or Posts(I think), but Mods will see it in the Staff section and to reply on a Closed topic, simply clicked on the 'Closed Topic Icon' and it will let you post a new posting to that Topic.Foe 'confidential' Topics, I suggest using the Closed Topic Method so the members are not aware of the Topic since it won't be listed in the Latest Topics list.


Ah! This is another reason why I hated the new shoutbox.Dean never "fused" the MOD options with the forum. I have to manually designate who can moderate. I suppose a forum without moderator group, this would be useful. But for us, it's a pain in the bleep bleep bleep :PPlenoptic, you are all set to moderate the shoutbox.While I'm at it, I added velma as well. Sorry guys :P


Alright, thank you jlhaslip. I guess that makes perfect sense. Although I guess it wouldn't be necessary for all the topics, but I wasn't sure.Thanks Buffalo. It works fine now. We should go back to the old shoutbox, then I can go back to being Shoutbox King. :P


Hey BuffaloHelp,Thanks for Updating me also, all this time I never knew that this feature was available for Mods. I always thought that it was only for Admins :PThanks a lot anyway


The only part I didn't like about the new shoutbox is that moderating functions aren't in AJAX :P