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Is there a key to the different Status indicators in then Report Centre?Some completed Reports are Green and others are Grey??? what's up with that?


As it was stated in the DEBUG topic, the green checked are the default report that is completed. I added the grey checked box to all completed reports that are greater than 24 hours since the completion.



Hi,Speaking of the Report center. Can I ask a favor from the mods and admins?AS you all know, every report that has been handled is stored and shows the mod or admin who last updated the report. Can all the mods and admins also leave a comment on how they solved the issue so that others can refer to that issue if something similar happens.We will also have complete detail on what happened with the member, topic or post without actually going to the topic in case we do not have the time or have a really bad intenet connection :P Please let me know if you like this idea


Well, handling of reports isn't really a big deal. If the posting is reported as Spam, it either got sent to the Spam Bucket or deleted, duplicate posts get deleted, referral links get removed and warnings issued, probably. Anything more severe than this are typically issued a warning for cut and paste/plagiarism/hacks and warez/whatever.In the time that I have been a Mod, there has been a lot of effort placed into making our life and duties here more streamlined. Since the reinstatement of the Edit feature, members are able to edit their own typos and bbcode errors, so that relieved the Mod from performing those duties. And the MultiMod feature allows us to do a bunch of stuff simpler and faster through scripting, like spamming topics and marking them resolved. Depending on the purpose for these comments, would it be possible to create a series of statuses for the completed reports? After all, as described above, there are only so many things we can do as Mods. Move topics, delete topics, split them, spam them, remove referrals, issue warnings, send pm with a verbal warning. Those are the 'typical' responses (that I can think of right now) to a Report. Perhaps the comment isn't the method to use since it places a burden onto the Mod to add the comment, whereas clicking on a selection for 'Completed - spammed' or 'Completed - Warned' , etcetera, could 1.) close the report as it does now 2.) indicate the disposition for the most common report Handling procedures.Just an idea...


Usually for me the big problem is identifying spam because when information is copied sometimes it's a good post or whatever. I don't want to put more work on people but identifying why it's spam could be helpful but a lot of the time it's obvious anyway. Instead of telling what was done in the comment I would just put it in the note that you put on the post if you do put a note on the post and explain what you changed and why which is generally what we do.


I was given a suggestion to modify the topic title when a report has been completed. This isn't something I would consider right away since the topic title is keywords relative. Which means, any good topic title can be thrown off from keywords by placing any trailing words, i.e. [completed report] etc. This is something OpaQue should consider... For the discussion regarding leaving comments on the moderator who resolved the issues... humm that's an iffy one for me. I usually leave NOTE tag on the post reported and thought that should be enough. But you cannot read the NOTE tag until you get to the message. So leave another comment on the Report Center itself... I don't want to do more work :P But I guess I could do that. Again, I won't make how each moderators moderate this forum in a set of rules. You have been invited as a moderator of this forum because we can trust your judgment as a moderator. OpaQue has set the guidelines and it's totally up to you to interpret as you go along.