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Staff Members Are To Report mandatory

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Hi Xisto moderators,I just wanted to reiterate that your duties in our forum are invaluable, immeasurable. We truly appreciate all your volunteered efforts and thoughts to Xisto forum.To run this community with well deserved structure and care, all moderators should be aware of what is going around our forum. This includes checking your PM box, reading through recent topics in STAFF section and reading PMs that may have been sent from fellow moderators and/or administrators.I have been faced with messages that some moderator's PM boxes are full for few months now, even after the PM box size increase. This only demonstrates that either moderators are not paying attention to their inbox or let the report message pile up and not clearing the inbox. I also understand that Xisto is not your job. But I do request that at least you clear your inbox so that you can be stayed current when I or OpaQue send out messages regarding Xisto.Please let other moderators know about this topic. And if they do not let them know either via IM or Shoutbox when I make some group changes. I cannot let them know they are being transferred to regular member status for their inactivity when their PM inbox is full and can't receive any new message.The current moderators who may be downgraded will be welcome back to MOD group when they are able to function regular moderating duties. But until then, I'd like to give other active members a try.Thank you,BH.


Thanks for this message. I will make sure my PM is not full either :-)


I have read and understand this request.

electriic ink

I know who you're talking about - me :). I have my reasons - I'm always busy around this time of year and unfortunately, still am. I've only really had the time to glance over a few staff messages and perhaps moderate a few topics, for which I apologise. Following this, I'll make more of an effort these coming weeks to moderate.


Oh I get cranky when my PMs don't get through...OpaQue just installed Report Center, formerly Moderator Center, so this should free up your PM inbox for now. Read about it under From Admin.


I've read this :D.




I really respect the idea and know it will work perfectly...I guess the Pm thing applies to OpaQue also for his inbox is always full :D


I guess it will be easier for the mods also as they dont have to follow reports that are already done for they already would be done


Awesome !!! :P


Hey the report center is back.Sorry about the absence, I'm in Taiwan right now and I don't use the computer very often. :DAlthough I do clear my PM boxes. :P


better late than never, so i'm reporting in this thread. :P seven new messages since my self-imposed absence... good thing i have cleared my PM inbox of a majority of old reports before going on leave. and thankfully, the report center was back in the interim. :D