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What You Think About Flash 7.1

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yes it`s very hard, I recomend swish max


Good Morning!!! I just buy new version of Macromedia Flash MX. What do i think about this programm? This version has intuitive interface, a lot of samples and tutorial, and some new features. Simplify common timeline and scripting tasks with new Timeline Effects and Behaviors. Create common timeline animations with one-step Timeline Effects, reducing the need for excessive keyframing. Reduce the need to script simple tasks such as media and navigation controls by using behaviors. Macromedia Flash Player 7, which together boost runtime performance by 2-10x for common applications. Improvements include faster graphics display, video playback, component initialization, and XML parsing, as well as better memory usage. Before it i use Flash MX 5.0. Working with new version 7.1 is really easer (for professionals). But I think that 40$ for it is very high price.