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Monetizing Outbound Links just a rambling thought :P

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ok, let me start by saying i have an ulterior motive in bringing this up, but please hear me out. :D

we can monetize outbound links on Xisto, can't we? :D the thing is, we already have a large forum and a lot of outgoing links can be found in Xisto, from members with good reasons to direct other members to those non-Xisto sites/pages to provide additional relevant information for topics of discussion here. we bring good traffic to those sites/pages, since even non-Xisto members who just came by Xisto via googling can view our discussions and click those links. these outgoing links are however untapped at the moment. Xisto does not earn anything from them, and these could be a potential goldmine. :P

i think we can monetize any outgoing links, with a little programming. sort of like what we experience on other sites, which has valued content. i believe you have seen "interstitial ads" implemented on major news sites which directs you to a landing page of advertising first, before you can then proceed to view their content. what i have in mind for Xisto is similar to this, but the opposite. confused? :D

since we do not have advertising on Xisto pages (for members, at least), valuable our content as it may be from a certain viewpoint, i think it is not too intrusive if we can implement a reverse-interstitial (i just termed it this way, since i can't find a suitable one, nor i'm aware of a technical term which is used in the industry). by interstitial, it usually is just going to a content on the same site, with the ad in between. by reverse-interstitial, i mean going to a content on another site (outgoing links), with the ad in between before the destination outgoing site/page is viewed. clearer now?

the stumbling block here is programming, since i don't do any coding (i just "hack" my way into scripts i grab). :P but it is possible that someone from the staff (opaque included of course :D) who can do come up with the codes. it should automatically recognize a link as two kinds: the Xisto-kind and non-Xisto-kind. :lol: if it is a Xisto-kind (links to any page on the Xisto network), the reverse-interstitial is not active. if it is a non-Xisto-kind, then the reverse-interstitial is activated when clicked.

now to the matter of ads, i foresee two methods. the first is a whole advertising page with a countdown timer before it goes to the outbound destination page. the second, it could be a framing method where a small advertising banner/link on top and/or bottom is placed and the outbound destination page is framed in the window. technically, it is not an interstitial anymore, since the ad is not "in between" any longer, but if it is less intrusive this way then this is the way to go.

i foresee this as an additional source of income to sustain Xisto, which opaque and his xisto staff can offer to xisto advertisers.

the ulterior motive? you don't forget it, do you? :D i would want to easily implement this monetization of outgoing links on my site too, if ever. so sharing of code is encouraged. :D

this idea came up when i visited a site which monetizes outgoing links too, but links have to be converted one by one from their site. there is no way i know to just add a code, which can automatically recognize and convert your outgoing links from your site. it is not webdev-friendly as i see it, since it is more directed to individual users who share links with others online, and it is not designed so website owners can make use of it for their existing site links.

any questions, comments, reactions, suggestions, feedback? or is it a bad idea in general? :P if we can't implement this on Xisto, or none of the staffers can code it, i am planning to broach this idea to the general membership to solicit coding assistance. but for now, it stays here in the staff section. :D fire up your discussion engines now. :D


no reactions whatsoever after 11 days? :) i take it it's a bad idea for Xisto after all. :)moving on... closing topic.


Hang on, hang on, hang on... I have been away for few days and didn't realize that I should have checked the STAFF section first. Sorry :)I think it's a wonderful idea! But the issue is that OpaQue wants to remain as free and "appealing" to free loving members as much as possible. He is trying to turn Xisto and Xisto as similar rating as Google (the almighty Google which OpaQue worships :)). What this means is that Xisto and Xisto become like the Open Directory Project concept where members come and post their URLs just so that their sites have inbound links from another "popular" place (one of key secrets to getting higher PR in google search).OpaQue is already tracking how many referral traffic (from Xisto to other sites) with clear stats and etc using his own script. This information is used for Xisto's media division--Xysis. So in a way you have stumbled onto one aspect of Xysis' internet media advertising methods.PS reopening so that the topic title appears as with new discussion post.