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DDBOARD.COM Official Other Forum Posting Contest


They are having a contest at their Forum to have their members post all about DDboards.com on other forums during the month of May as a method to advertise their Forum and Services (Post for Domains).


Just a heads-up about the possibility of Spam advertising. This is the Forum which had a Tutorial of mine plagiarised onto it, I think that is why I received the Notice about this Contest.




I suggest we just ban and delete posts.EDIT: I read through there contest requirments. They must have 25 posts on OUR forums before they can advertise. Maybe this isn't so bad for us after all?


Maybe this isn't so bad for us after all?

Only if the contestants choose to actually read and follow the rules/requirements.


Go to ddboards and read the rules on there contest. They HAVE to read our rules in order to participate. If they get banned, they get disqualified.