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Ability To Post When Posting Ability Is Disabled?

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Due to posting illegal content and plagiarizing (plagiarizing although i PMed them about it), i disabled hesham2010's posting ability for 14 days to familiarize themselves with the forum rules (obviously this is a second account from the member hesham). However, even though their ability to post was disabled, they still managed to apply for hosting (which is the second time i denied them). Is it a coding error in IPB or by "posting ability" do they mean "posts excluding topics"?


I wonder if the application mod (an added module of IPB) does not follow the posting permission. I'll ask the creator of this mod and see if this was the problem with v2.1.0. OpaQue is waiting to install v2.1.1 or v3 after our forum goes another security upgrade. Arrrrrgh! It seems like nothing but upgrades these days...no fun time.


(Ci22) Staff Application Form creators admit that it was an over sight on their part. The next version will contain some more advanced features plus this permission fix. ;) Our findings and suggestions are changing the web as we know it! Well, at least for IPB mods ;)