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Posting Credits Issue #2

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Found a similar posting credits issue to the other one I found, although it's not as big a deal. Basically, if a topic is in a no post count section, and is moved to a post count one, posts do not gain the credits that should have been, and vice versa. This would affect situations where a topic is posted in one section, but belongs in another, and that other section should have gained/lost them credits if they had posted there originally.


Like I said, it's not a big deal, I'm sure most members won't mind a couple credits lost, or even notice. Just thought I'd point it out.


[i also tested splitting and merging, which make no positive or negative effect on credits, they just move posts.]


EDIT: Oh, I think moving them TO a no post count section takes away credits, and only moving them FROM it doesn't gain them....I'll have to try again later.


Yup, we found that out about the same time as the Double Whammy Credit Removal trick. if a member is really pissing you off, quote the post and then Spam it to reduce the credits twice over. ;) Actually, no, don't do that, but this second loophole you have found was also discovered once before, I believe.