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Postings Being Copied onto another Forum

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I wrote a short tutorial the other day about accessibilty and using the :active and :focus pseudo elements, and this morning found a link in my account stats page which indicated a link from another forum, ddboards.com, in the list of referral links. The link was not to the Forum posting, but to the file which I used as a demonstration, so, wondering WTF?,,, I followed the link back and found that my entire Topic posting had been pasted into the other Forum and the Posting member of the other Forum is earning credits for the posting towards a free Domain, and that is the part that pisses me off.

Registered at the Forum in question and discovered another Topic by the same member that had also been copied from here. Wasn't mine, but, again, WTF?


Did a search here on the Xisto and there are two Topics from January about the ddboards.com Forum which is where the Tutorial is posted at.


Anyway, any chance the member is doing this elsewhere? And what, if anything, can , or should, the Trap do about this?


I would like some form of punishment against the member in question (dull cutting tools are visualised here). I have requested their IP and/or ID from the Admin of the other Forum, but they seem to have a rather lax attitude towards cut and paste, as per the Admin's response to one of the threads here.


I'd be interested in knowing what the other opinions are. I write these tutorial/css/html articles for the benefit of OUR members and provide the bandwidth for the demos for OUR members. Second thing is that the Xisto should be found on the Google searches for the information, not the other Forum.


* end of rant here *


Thanks for listening.


Hey. I just wanted to say sorry to you, because I copied your own tutorial on ddboard withoud refering the source. It was not ethic and typically for me.Once again sorry!
This will never happen again.

Best Regards,
Emil Popov

Apology received from Member.


Any copied post from elsewhere into Xisto forum should be dealt with our forum rules.If you find your post are being copied to another forum, please contact that forum administrator and kindly ask to be removed, reduced credits or any other reward that member might have received plus ask the administrator to remove the topic or take the appropriate action towards that member for any punishment.


It has been handled over there. A Mod editted the post, removed credits for the member and whatever else.


Eggcellent, Smithers!