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Opera Browser At The Trap17 Wont maintain Logged-In status

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BH, Just a note that the cookies/sessions/log-in problem is worse with Opera than with Firefox, as discussed elsewhere in this Staff section. At least with Firefox I can select the breadcrumb and return to the Forum Main page. With Opera, it asks me to log-in once again. Firefox maintains the log-in and performs okay with that.?Opera?doesn't?maintain?the?Login.?Maybe?due?to?the?Wand?feature? And I just upgraded to Opera 9.2 (newest) with the Developer's Tool. Lack of the Web Developer's Extension, or something like it, is the biggest reason I haven't adopted Opera more fully. The new one has something similar as a part of the Toolbar, but it isn't quite the same. Firefox's?Web?Developer's?Extension?Rocks...


Opera has the worst caching issues I've ever seen. It won't let me stay logged in anywhere, and even if I clear the cache, it still sometimes doesn't refresh changes....Firefox all the way.


I've never had a problem with Opera with cookies, cache and stuff here on Xisto and many other websites. Opera for me works great here on Xisto, whether i'm in Windows or Linux.


Like Firefox, you can set Xisto or http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ as your trust zone using Opera's options. And allowing few optional settings will allow Xisto to place STRONGHOLD cookies via Opera. That should do the trick.Or, if you have a firewall like I do be sure to let your firewall know that you are allowing Operas to accept cookies. In my firewall I can allow individual programs to accept or deny any incoming or outgoing "data." See if this is your case.