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Www Issue On Domains... Possible Resolution attn: BuffaloHELP, Opaque

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just bringing this "possible" solution to the WWW problem in the forum for the domain themusiconly.info/http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. i see the problem is not yet resolved, and maybe because the problem has not been narrowed down yet. or admins are busy. or both. :lol:


these 2 (shortened:very long :() links tackle httpd.conf as relating to the WWW problem in domains:




as this config tweak can only be done admin-side, i have no way to verify it. maybe that will solve it? :lol: so we don't get "bugged" by musiconly again regarding this. hehe? if it solves it, one less unhappy member.


just lending a hand, and earning my "hosting crumbs" as well :(


OpaQue already took care of that since my last communication with him.Topic should be now closed :lol: Thank you for reminding me to reply regarding that issue. The problem was that whatever he(MusicOnly) did, failed to resolve properly and OpaQue had to manually add the secondary (one with www) to Xisto's nameserver (I think that's how he explained it lol).EDITI typed with and witout www and I was able to musiconly's website. So I made my reply like the above. I didn't realize musiconly had replied today (my time zone). I'm not sure if he is still experiencing the same issue but I am able to see both URL with webpage. Either musiconly needed to be patient (and what a horrible topic title...sure they blame Xisto even when they made the mistake) or OpaQue found a solution. I'll leave it open for musiconly to reply.


all's well that ends well. :lol: MO's domain works now as it should. closing topic. :lol: