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Hide Bbcode Js --- Culprit? effectively disables the forum when used on shoutbox?

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as you can see from this post here, the forum has been decommissioned temporarily with the same error i've experienced before as reported here -- just now, it has been forum-wide unlike before which was just confined to a specific profile page. i suspected the hide bbcode has been used in the shoutbox, though i can't review the shoutbox archives to determine it for sure. i figured that if i'm correct, it can be resolved by bumping the shouts in the shoutbox, to purge out the erring code from being displayed further in the shoutbox. after some bumps, everything seemed to go back normal again.

can an admin can review the shoutbox archives to see if the hide bbcode is the culprit in the shoutbox?

and if it is, can we just dump the use of the existing hide bbcode and replace it instead with the test bbcode done by BH here, which does not seem to break the forums? just so as we not experience this same problem again in the future, when an errant bbcode breaks loose. :P

btw, i told our members we'll give them a report later on this regard, so if an admin can please give a report to our members after investigation, that would be swell. thanks. :(


HIDE code was updated as soon as I logged in today.

testing new hide code
HIDE code will no longer parse in the shoutbox, personal portal page and PM's. "newspace" used the old HIDE tag at 4:21am GMT-5. This won't happen again.Thank you.


resolved quick and good. thanks for the update BH. :P i'm closing this now...