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Drag And Drop Links Into The Shoutbox Thats impressive...

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Since I've got my Laptop back from the Repair Shop, I have, of course, been hanging out here more and discovering a whack of new things about the Forum and some of the features. One of them is 'Drag and Drop" of links. For example, at the top of the page, the Xisto readme file link can be hovered over, left click and hold, then navigate the mouse pointer to the text box and release the left button and the clickable url is placed inside the box, ready to shout when you hit enter or click the "shout" button.I found this to be an amazingly simple method to insert links into the Shoutbox.Similarly, the links can be "dragged and Dropped" into the Browser Address Bar, which is useful if you want to navigate to that page.Just thought I might share this with you. I guess I have been using too old of a Computer up to now. These features are WAAAAY Kool.


I believe that's indigenous to Firefox, which IE adopted but only works from web page to address bar.Firefox allows any URL to be click and dragged within the browser--able to place a link quickly in quick favorites place. Except for IE7, all other versions of IE lets me drag a URL to the address bar but not to the shoutbox place.


Haha, you're waaaay out of touch.. I've been using the feature for over a year.. Are you using tabbed browsing yet? :P


Hey don't make fun of haslip. :P.I think we best not encourage members about this feature. I don't think we like links in the shoutbox. lol.Pretty cool feature though. I thought you could always do it? I know if you drag/drop an image into the url bar, it'll take you to that page.