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Week Of Feb 9~16 2007

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If members are having issues with posting, please refer to this post http://forums.xisto.com/topic/45068-authorization-mismatch-please-go-back-and-try-again/page-2#entry307665 for a possible solution.

Have the member check the installed java version by going to java.com.

OpaQue turned on the shoutbox flood control to 5 seconds. Although I haven't seen members affected much by this setting, I know at least 2 that says they can't shout after the 1st one. I still don't know what can be the issue. Check for java version in the meantime.

My neighbor towns are without water--the recent cold front burst town water lines and caused low water level in towns. I have been volunteering for Meals On Wheels delivering 3 thousand gallons (as of today) to these towns strictly for elderlies. This will continue until the town water tanks can be refilled. This will take some days. So I won't be able to log in daily here.

Please continue to moderate as much as you can. Thanks guys!

Any issues you want to address, please contact OpaQue or PM me and I'll try to check it as often as possible.

Record breaking 7 feet of snow in Oswego in 3 days...and more snow expected in coming days. This is one of my territories in my line of work. I'll be traveling from Rochester, NY to Syracuse, NY heading south to Binghamton and end at Oswego in about every two days until the end of next week. This way, I can audit my people and deliver drinking water bottles at the same travel ;) Wish me luck.


WOW! Seven feet in 3 days... and no ski hills???That'll wear out a snowblower in no time.Good Luck and be safe out there, BH. We will hold down the fort while you are busy doing that.


count me as #3, BH. my latest shoutbox experience is detailed here. and it's my third day already of testing solutions, to no avail. anyway, that can still wait. ;) good luck with your volunteer work.