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This topic is to list all known and found errors so that OpaQue can have one absolute list.


List them specific and concise.


Reported by truefusion:

dropdown menu error on SHOUTBOX

>there are two links to shoutbox

--1 Shoutbox => http://forums.xisto.com/index.php?act=Shoutbox <-- this gives error

--2 ShoutBox => http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ <-- this works - RESOLVED


forum missing

>forum lists 722 topics but all are missing

Free Web Hosting, No Ads > CONTRIBUTE > The Internet > Website Discussion

http://forums.xisto.com/topic/112-website-discussion/ - [resolved]


Although I got small information I hope to get more info on it maybe a print screen or the actual but here is the current info about the log-in problem:

I keep getting logged off with this error message whenever I try to post, or do most anything on the forum:"Authorization mismatch - please go back and try again. If you have been trying to access a function incorrectly, please use the proper method."

Can you fix this, or should I be bugging admin?


Hopefully that is enough info, could be a possible account error as well.


i accidentally tripped on this problem when i used the hide bbcode. this is the post i made using it.


the problem i encountered was when i tried accesing my profile page. it seemed to load for a while but when it came to the part where the bbcode is likely to be processed (to show latest posts, with the hide bbcode as the topmost/latest post), it changes to a page with only this text:

i don't know if any of you can recreate this on your side, being a glitch in processing the profile page along with the hide bbcode in your latest post, but i just figured i'd document it here just in case it needs to be addressed if you experience the same later on. it could just be on my side though (slow dial-up ;)). will return to this if it still is the same for me, after this post (i expect a new latest post [this one] will solve it for me, fingers crossed).



[uPDATE]: still the same problem for me. looks like i cannot fully see my profile page as long as the hide bbcode is in the last 5 topics listed in My Content as the page loads.


Yes.. I see what you mean. I even tried with Firefox, thinking that it's IE java error and well it's not.So the problem IS in fact my HIDE code. I also noticed that my code breaks down in PM. So either this new IPB forum blocks certain javascripts or my code is not compatible with the whole board.What to do... what to do...UPDATE!viewing my profile (post#1), saint michaels and mine again #4 goes alright. All HIDE codes in both signatures function as fine... so do you think there's something wrong with your profile only?


viewing my profile (post#1), saint michaels and mine again #4 goes alright. All HIDE codes in both signatures function as fine... so do you think there's something wrong with your profile only?

i see other's profiles fine... i suppose since the hide bbcode still gets parsed among the 5 topic list in my content, i still can't access my profile correctly. once i raised my post count to eliminate that hide bbcode from appearing in top 5, then i think that it would soon be okay. i'm thinking that if any member also has the hide bbcode among his topic list, it would churn up the same problem in that member's profile -- just my hunch.

btw, do you mean that signatures appear also in the topic list in the profile? i seem to have turned viewing sigs OFF before, so signatures don't show up on my side, which may explain why i can see your and stmike's profiles without them. it might just be also that the hide bbcode would act up strangely if it is in the body of the post, and it wouldn't react the same way (just don't know how) if the hide code appears in the signature. i hope you or anybody else replicate posting a hide bbcode in the body of a post, to see if your profiles would end up as mine did too. i'll see if i can find a member who has recently used the hide code among his last 5 posts just the same, and view his profile, to rule out if it's just my profile which is affected. ;)


Buffalohelp,Leanne Rimes is having problems with sending PM's. Any chance it is related to the new Forum version? Pm from me sent with details or check the reports...


Under user profile, top 5 topics posted by the user does not show the signature. So HIDE code, even though used in my sig, does not show. If I close this current browser and start a new one, I can view my profile with dropdown menu... I hope you know what I mean.

After visiting your profile I browser is having some problem viewing my profile, like the drop down menu on my name isn't working...

I'm going to see if I can see something on your account using ACP.

In the meanwhile, any member who are experiencing constant log off or cannot post due to board error message, ask them to enable javascript or disable the ad block or firewall. This new forum runs mainly on Ajax, heavy javascript and session id cookies for security measure.

[hr=1]My mistake[/hr]
I finally realized what's really going on. 5 Topics in your profile isn't parsing my HIDE code (as stated in your original post) just like in the PM system. I think I was in a denial ;)

I wonder if I can enable HTML just in profile section under ACP control... to be continued


NOPE. Nothing helps you know why? It's because

IPB filters out the <script> tag, so you cannot use javascript...[sic]it is a security risk as it may allow insertion of javascript into the code to allow for cookies to be stolen

straight from the horse's mouth... dang!!!
So we have a choice to make.. either rewrite HIDE code without using javascript or drop the HIDE code... again, what to do what to do...

I, too, am getting board error messages just now when I tried to reply to a PM. After few attempts, I close all browsers, opened new one and sent again without a problem. The last time I got this error was, and this time too, having two pages to Xisto open both with new shoutbox. So, the question is can I repeat the same board error because the new Ajax is the root problem? Again, stay tuned.

serverph, for now I'm going to go edit your post with SPOILER, a new default bbcode from IPB 2.2.1 http://forums.xisto.com/topic/45040-eat-my-nose-for/

By George, I think I've got it!

I'm testing out new bbcode called TEST, used just like HIDE bbcode.

Take a look at my profile and you'll see that I made a topic http://forums.xisto.com/topic/45052-bbcode-testing-zone/ that acts just like HIDE code but my profile isn't breaking down. Since the profile view does not parse any javascript, the "hidden" text shows up. But in normal post view it acts just like the current HIDE. And it's safe to use multiple times.

If it's all same with all, I think I'll change the current HIDE code with this one.


EUREKA!By George, I think I've got it!

I'm testing out new bbcode called TEST, used just like HIDE bbcode.

that seems to do it, BH. ;) replaced the HIDE bbcode with the TEST one in my post here, and i'm now able to view my profile. ;) only thing left to do is simply rewrite HIDE code with the working TEST code, and that's one less forum glitch. ;)


this has been occurring since yesterday, at least for me. i keep getting this error.


Shout flooding is enabled. Please wait 5 seconds before shouting again.

i know it's because the flood control is turned back on. but is this to affect any member even with no previous shouts within the last 5 seconds? actually, even after several minutes, it still gives the same error eveytime i retry, which blocks me from making a shout.


the fact is i have multiple t17 windows open, so i'm thinking that might be the cause of the problem, with the intermittent refresh occuring in every open t17 window. so today, i collapsed the shoutbox so that it won't show the shoutbox on every single t17 page i have open. at least i thought it would fix the problem, if i just use the MAIN SHOUTBOX. no luck, still the same error as of yesterday. hence, i can't make attempts to converse with a member with a problem needing help in the shoutbox, or informally reprimand a newbie for a post/shout violation.


any other staffers experiencing the same? any solutions, aside from the admin option to turn flood control off? when it's previously OFF, i'm having no problem of the sort. i'm using firefox by the way.




UPDATE: Updated JAVA as suggested here. tried using LITE theme as well. even with just main shoutbox open. still no luck... ;)


STILL ANOTHER UPDATE: Cleared cache and cookies... no good. tested on latest portable firefox release... no good. went to D-Scripting, found reports of same issue, but no resolution on that thread. hmmnn... what else...


HOPEFULLY A FINAL UPDATE: shoutbox seems to be affected by the GMT board settings??? chanced upon this when one of our members (haxored) reported this instance in the shoutbox. i'm from the same geography and time as him, and like him (and others, though unreported, i would presume) have the same shoutbox experience since the upgrade. it looks like changing the GMT settings to US/Canada Pacific time (-8) worked for me.... though it is not in sync with my natural time (+8) anymore. i'm sticking with this GMT setting temporarily so i don't get bugged with the "5-second flood control" which actually lasts more than 5-seconds. ;) onwards!

electriic ink

The board time is about 19 minutes ahead the real time. I actually made this post at 9.40, although it says 9.59!