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The current steps to control spam topics are to:1) split or move spam topic to STTBA forum2) make it invisible3) close the topicBut as the forum grows larger with new members and moderators dealing with more topics and posts those steps are not followed to the T.So, I propose making STTBA forum a league of its own. Bring out the STTBA forum section from the current location (buried under the Alerts and Notice). And make it only visible to moderators, much like the STAFF section.By doing this I think the control steps are:1) split or move spam topic to STTBA forum2) close the topicNo need to double "block" by making it invisible. Any thoughts? The key is to prevent GUESTS or spiders from seeing the spam posts. Members are aware that if a topic cannot be viewed, it's either a spam or moderators only topic. So closing the topic isn't as high priority as making it invisible to spiders.Not making it invisible has its rewards as well. When I search a members all posts to see the behavior any posts made invisible cannot be seen. But when it's just deposited to a "secret" location I can see them. Under STAFF section there is "invisible" section but that's for STAFF members' posts.After thought:There's another thought of making STTBA visible only to registered members and leave it where it is. The STTBA is set to have no replies made to a topic once it is in that section. So this will eliminate the urgency of closing the topic. By allowing only members to see the spam topic can work for or against us. It will work for us mostly because other members can clearly see what this forum considers as a spam topic.


Very good idea. I find myself having to come up with this...stratagy to move topics to the spam the fastest.Close the topicGo back to it and make it invisibleThen go back again and move it.Be much easier this way, and atleast members/search engines couldn't read them.


Moderators,Dealing with spam will be simple and swift from now on:Continue to warn/caution members with the guidance of Xisto. However, when you see a blunt spam decide for yourself how this spam post should be handled. You can leave it visible and move to STTBA section. All other members cannot post/reply in this section. If this SPAM is totally against our forum rules (like adult links, pictures etc) delete it right away after issuing the warning. If there is a reply from a hosted member and don't know what to do, make it invisible and move to STTBA. I will deal with the post by sending a PM to hosted member how to report the spam post. Moderators can send PM as well if you a willing to cut my PMing time ;) I am hoping by leaving some spam posts visible we can let others know what we don't accept in our forum, at the same time making our moderating time much more efficient with a single step.