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Down But Not Out Computer problems (again)

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The new Laptop went and broke on me this morning. Not even 1 month old. Tech Support will be sending me a new box, so I will not be very ctive for a week or 10 days until it arrives...Drat! I thought a new machne was the answer, but, alas, I guess not.Any way, see you when I can...


Ouch! Bummer! The old days of making things last a life time is gone... these days it's "making things last a life time of the product" :P The forum will still be here but we may have to double up the watch. Hurry back :P LOL I guess this soundbite fits this situation. I've always wanted to use this line... www.angelfire.com/nj2/magspage/images/piperdwn.wav


I almost had a blue screen of death last night and man it look like Def Con 1 in my house trying to recover :P. So what broke?


Poor Haslip. And Poor computer. Who knows what those guys will do to that computer. Tortue I say! Well, atleast they're sending you a new one. I take it that wasn't to much of a hassle. Tech support these days....Anywho, take a break man. :P See you soon.