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Forum Lead By [moderator]

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A long time ago in a moderator's suggestion far, far away...


someone requested/suggested that Forum Lead by [Moderator] should be removed.


With one single swoop I have removed them all! *TA DA* *epic background music thunders*


LOL nah, I simply removed


from skin template. I couldn't find it before...somehow I just couldn't figure out where it was appearing.


For future reference:


ACP > Look & Feel > current skin template > Edit template HTML > Board Index > ForumRow


PS, ACP cracks under IE7...I hope new version of IPB 2.2.1 corrected this problem.


PPS, is it me or is this forum only showing Xisto - Web Hosting banner only under Free Web Hosting, No Ads > General > THE STAFF > Forum Maintenance ? I don't see the usual Chitika ad banner and browser shows JAVA object error. And the EDIT does not give option to Full or Quick edit. But once EDIT is clicked I can see Chitika ad banner.


What do you mean it cracks under IE7, a better description could help on that. Right now I got ad's block on this computer so I can't see any of them at the moment. So when I hop on to my other computer I will let you know if your seeing things or if it you :P.


A page is said to be cracked when a browser cannot translate the style command:


Posted Image


This only happens under IE7.

electriic ink

Solution: Upgrade to Firefox :P


or Opera...

Opera passes the Acid 2 test for Standard Compliance... http://www.webstandards.org/action/acid2/

FF2 doesn't quite get it, but FF3 does (it is in-house only, Not public yet)


Another way to remove moderating permission per forum section:


ACP Home > Manage Forums > Hide/Show Moderator Options


and remove/delete or add permission group.


This could be useful if we had selected few who are not part of moderator team but allowed them to moderate certain forum sections of their own.


And since current Moderators are Global Moderators, we do not need extra permission such as this.