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I think there should be a rule set that disallows not only referal links, but also "PM me to receive referal links" or "email me here" kinds of posts. They are nothing but spam...


Really, everything in that forum is spam. Except for the occasional "Not Spam Post", in that case, I would through a party.


If you believe it's nothing but spam, delete it and warn the member immdediately.I let topics in there to grow since it may be useful for people who may be seeking money making online schemes.Sending referral PM is not against our board rule, unless the PM itself is spam--unwanted PM/mass PM. That's why we ask others if we can PM initially to set the boundary of permission. If a member wishes not to receive a PM from a particular person, he/she can be PM blocked or ignored--the easiest way of shutting up the spammer. And the spam PM can be forwarded to a moderator, etc.Don't be afraid of deleting a pure spam topic if no one made a reply. A replier should be reporting it anyway instead of replying (perhaps to gain easy hosting credits). If a reply is made to a spam topic, simply make it invisible and move to our spam topics area.If you're not sure it should be deleted or not...just move it to our spam topics area :lol:Warning and warning messages are a good way for me to know when I review the hosting request. Invisible topics no longer show on "SHOW ALL POSTS MADE BY USER" option. So knowing the warning level I know where to look.