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Minimum Post Length Mod this has been talked about

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This has been discussed several times but nothing much has gone anything further, about installing a minimum post length so to lower the short posts. Now I knew of only a few mods that just set it globally for everything but it looks like this mod can be set up for different parts of the forum. So then we will be able to set different minimums for each sections that would get benefited more.

200-300 (guessing) character minimum for website discussion
50-60 for the graphics forum
100-150 for the support forum

Something like that

then this should be giving a test run so we can get opinions about it so we either can adjust the settings to the limit and find out if people like/dislike. I doubt the old members won't mind it much since it will set a higher standard for the old members.

With mod we can get the following:

1. We get better posts out of the members
2. less people get denied because of less quality posts
3. it could get the topics better index (I guess)
4. People get more credits for making better posts.

Of course the big test we would have to figure, is how will this mod effect the current posts that have been already posted. If it does present a problem to the old posts then drop it from there. But if it does not affect the old posts then we should begin testing out different sections of the forum and see how it goes.


It's a good idea.But I also wonder the side-effect of this limiting capability...What if a tutorial is good but cannot make the minimum word count? Then the topic starter might learn to add few additional words just to submit a post/tutorial. This might lead to a bad behavior. We've seen it time and time again just the same point repeated differently, over and over again. Kind of like what I'm doing now--it's redundant that we have to use words in different order to keep this fresh in order to submit a post. Additional words would mean longer post but no point is made in the attempt of fulfilling the post length requirement. It's like spamming--only with different words. (end example :lol:)And I know we all what this forum to be free from spamming and having everyone under the forum rules, but that's too much of micromanaging. It will get old so fast and people will not feel the freedom to express whatever and however they would like to express. Sure it would be nice to cut down short posts but sometimes short posts make good points, too.


From the description of the mod the only micro managing you would need to do, would be which forum topics would need this mod the most.Tutorials would unlimited character limited due to the fact the only way to make a tutorial would be post a link and then call it a day. That is just straight spam anyways.Now the non credits topics leave them as they are since they are not worth anything to the user to begin with. Of course you mention the redundancy people might try to pull. Well if people can't think of complete sentences without repeating themselves then we would have adjust the reporting post rules to fit that. Only thing the mods and the admin would have to do is edit the posts accordingly. Nothing hasn't changed from that since the beginning, about editing posts.Like I said the mod would be most effective in forums like suggestions/questions forum and hosted members forum so people are somewhat forced to describe the problem the best they can. Or in forums that people are having coding or computer problems.I think a good idea would be to do small increments of the character count say like 30-40 every few months so people who been here can get adjusted to it while those joining will have to get use to it right off the start.It's in an easy process it just takes time to make it complete of course by the time OpaQue has 2.2 installed we could fake the fact that the mod is not installed and claimed that we adjusted it accordingly or something like that. Until the updated mod comes out.So people will still think the mod is installed 2 of course by then people will be use to making long posts instead of short ones. Of course, another downside is that topics and posts are becoming harder and hard to come up with, so that is something else that has to be considered.


Didn't we use this mod a year ago? lol


no I remember brining it up last time but again all we did was did was talk about the problems that would come from it. Of course that was due to the fact the current post mods were universal this one can be set up for different topics of the forum. In which the criteria would be different for each forum like I mentioned in my first post.


I don't think we should use this. What if the thread is a short answer thread? And a reply over 300 characters couldn't be made without BSing most of it? I think it'd just cause a lot of stress on both parts. I can see it now....our PM boxes filled with; "Why can't I post!"


Well this mod was installed 2 years ago, and I can say, that it was quite a motivation for those to post more. This was installed in the era without hosting credits, and with manual post count checks. In order to keep the post counts and quality good, the an admin installed the mod that required 400 characters to become recorded as a post. Now if you post less than 400 words your post will still go through, it just won't be counted in your post count. This was good in some ways as it prevented spammers from increasing post count. However, this is REALLY BAD for monitoring spammers. Why? Because spammers NEVER post more than 400 characters a post, and you'll never know how many posts that they spammed. Although this can be REALLY useful to prevent malicious or unauthentic hosting accounts where the applicant has to get over 10 posts, for example. This can also be useful for limiting spammers from the Make Money section.... we know that a lot of topics created in that section are by 1-post-spammers that never come back. Maybe we could make it so that for example, you would need at least 77 characters to count as a post, and you need for example, 10 posts to post a topic in the Make Money section.A good little method I thought up was "groups"... for example the group "Advanced Members" would get more credits than "Newbie 1" when they post... etc. This would encourage making larger posts to increase post count (if this mod was installed they would need to make quality posts to get post counts, but small posts can get hosting credits.)I'm sure that most people in this topic are talking about a mod that RESTRICTS the post from being made if it's less than a certain number of characters. That I would have to disagree with, since not everyone is accustomed to writing an essay each time they post something in a forum... there are also a lot of people who aren't fluent in english, and would suffer from this mod.As a result, the installation of the mod would have both pros and cons... which one weighs the most?


On my vBulletin forum, I have my entire board set to at least fifty character posts. I saw a lot of better posting from a few members, but then there were and are quite a handfull who lengthen their posts with periods.. This could cause more of a need to moderate.Generally you can always add a little to a post, to where it meets the needed characters. In tutorials, it may be short, and they can say how it's helped them, maybe tell an anecdote, or something to that effect..

electriic ink

There's no need though. We have the hosting credits system now. Maybe there should be a forum-wide limit of 10 characters to stop the LOL posts but I see no more benefits. You can ask a perfectly valid support question in under 100 characters:


"Can I use WML pages on my website?"


That's 35 characters. The hosting credits system is enough of an incentive to lengthen posts and the majority of posts here aren't that short - remember this isn't Xisto. Most of the spam we get here is plagiarism. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.