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Login From Another Location Rather than my own Home computer.

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I normally use the same computer at home and today I was visiting some people and thought I'd check in to the Forums, so I did.Of course, I didn't have any cookies set from the other computer, so I had to Login and issue a password, etc. I chose to not remember the password on that machine, because I may never use it again and didn't want the Password Manager to retain the information, etc. So I was on for a few minutes, ended my visit and came home.After Supper, I fired up the home computer and clicked the Bookmark for the Xisto Forum and it needed to know the login and password from my own computer which I always use. So the question is: Is this normal? Does the script deny the sessions or cookies or something under these circumstances? and how does it know if I am not supposed to be remembered? I was surprised to find that the password Manager on my own machine couldn't be utilized for login under these circumstances. Just a curious enquiry.