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Xisto Helpdesk Closed? what happens now?

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Today, I discovered that the Xisto Helpdesk has now been closed. Now, whenever members have queries concerning issues that we cannot answer, where do we direct them to? It says send emails to the appropriate departments but it does not say what they are.Edit: What about support@xisto.com etcetera?


Instead of sending to Xisto, please send it to support@Xisto - Web Hosting.com.But it is unlikely that they need to send it there since I now have the complete control over gamma server.If SQL needs to be maintained, it is I who will contact Xisto - Web Hosting to make the necessary change. Not the individual member. When a member has cpanel issue he/she will have to post it under Support or Hosted Member section. Support section is more appropriate.Therefore, it is unlikely that members need to send anything to the support line. I will be the mediator between the member and server admins.But is there any issue that we cannot solve it using this forum? :blink: I think we can handle it, don't you think?