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** List Of Scams! ** Please read to avoid getting scammed

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Here is a list of scams that will be updated. Please contribute to it if you find a new scam.


How to know if the site is a scam:


List of scams


1.) Pay to read scams:


2.) Pay to click scams


3.) Pay to promote scams


4.) Pay to surf scams


5.) Pay to sign up scams


6.) Pay to complete offers scams


7.) Pay to fill out surveys scams






Notice from Dooga:
To moderators: This is still under construction. I will make a small list before I unpin and make visible. Moderators should add scams if they find any. After this thread is opened, users would be able to post scams, and moderators should add those if they don't exist. I got this idea when I was tired of seeing so many scams. Please help create this list! This will not only help our members, but it will get Xisto more exposure when this page becomes popular in Google!


Notice from BH:
Are you ever going to finish this topic or what? :blink: And why is this topic pinned compare to the rest :wacko: Moderator topics are no more important than others... unless the topic gets very "hot"


Notice from Dooga:
lol it's pinned so people don't get scammed