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Shothost.com Support Question Support for the newly acquired Domain

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Re: Shothost.com and the Xisto Forum Support


Is there anything we should know about the new accounts?


Will there be a new sub-forum for ex-shothost members? or will they be using the Xisto - Web Hosting sub-forum?

I realize that Computighost was the Purchaser, so I expect the answer will be that the new accounts will come from the Xisto - Web Hosting system.


Are they familiar with Cpanel, Fantastico and all that? Or what did they have installed on their old servers?


What level of member can we expect from there? Xisto n00bie or Xisto advanced? generally speaking...


Do you anticipate a burst of activity for us on the switch-over?


Any changes to the Hosting Plans to match their previous Space and Bandwidths?





And is it shothost ot shouthost.com


It's SHOTHOST.comThey are to address any account problems with Xisto - Web Hosting Live Support team. As I have mentioned direct them to Xisto - Web Hosting.com and click on 24/7 online support chat. Xisto - Web Hosting took over majority of Shothost members. Cpanel and other script question can be posted under Xisto - Web Hosting forum section. However, Xisto moderators will not assist in hosting related question such as bandwidth and space usage. They have their own plan. Majority of Shothost customers were paid hosting thus Xisto free web hosting plans and solutions will not apply to them.


Thanks for the info, BH.