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Trap17.org? didnt know xisto owned this. :P

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trap17.org? i didn't know xisto owned this, moreso that it actually exists out there! :blink: i just found this out by accident when a member inadvertently posted his subdomain as a .org instead of a .com. what are xisto's plan for this domain? ;) i didn't seem to notice that trap17.org has been discussed in here. just being curious, so please excuse my being nosy. :wacko: is it just there to protect the Xisto brand? but Xisto.info, Xisto.biz, and Xisto.us (on less famous TLDs) are still up for grabs. ;)

is it alright if we brainstorm some possibilities for these other TLDs? might be of good business sense when xisto makes use of these to maximize benefits to the Xisto brand. :D as of today, trap17.orgĀ is simply resting on a godaddy parking page.


I think is is just a domain Xisto owns to prevent other companys from taking the Xisto name, and trying to pass off a "hoax" or give Xisto as a whole a bad name. We could put like a "Super Host" there. Free hosting like Xisto.com, but with more DiskSpace/BW. Ofcourse up the cost of credits. :].


Or re-direct *.trap17.ORG to the Xisto.COM splash page at least? Might be some benefit to that in terms of harvesting some clicks and enquiries.


i've been tossing this idea in my mind....

how about developing xisto.com into an ADSENSE REVENUE-SHARING community? :blink:

there are several sites which are using this system, and which can be easily adapted, as listed in here:

some forum plugins/extensions/mods for some forums are already available to implement adsense revenue-sharing. and yes, it seems legal - as long as it is properly coded so as not to display one's own adsense ID to avoid accidental personal clicks, and as long as only ONE adsense publisher ID is displayed per page. and yes, google knows about these communities. :wacko: anyhow, it's easy to verify it with google adsense, if there are some pressing doubts which need to be cleared regarding this.

just an idea though. ;)


Xisto Adsence program? I believe we have one;xysis.comI believe that's it.


I could be wrong......


What about trap17sucks.com? Surely we have to prevent people from registering that!