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Help! Forgot Password :-(((

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Hi Admins,Could you please reset my password and/or have it mailed to me? My login to cpanel is not happenningI dont know how I am logged on to this forum, however. It's my good luck I guess (bless the bug)My site: citimovies.trap17.com


Well before you do, how are you logging in to the cpanel? If you try and login like Xisto/cpanel, the login screen will appear but wont work. You have to login from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ in order for your password to work. If its just you forgot it then ignore everything i just said and i hope someone can help you out.


Hi sunilr_74 , did you tried to access the cpanel with a bad password?If yes , your Ip maybe banned , so you need to renew your Ip , or submit a support ticket describing your problem,someone from the support team will answer you soon