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This member, Mp3resources, was issued a warning for this posting, a review of a Warez site promoting it as the latest and greatest mp3 download sites.
I issued a warning, closed, invisiblized, moved it to Spam to be adjusted. Warez is suspected to be downloadable from the site he was promoting/reviewing.
About a half an hour later, the member re-posted the identical material in a new Topic. Same result, except I banned the user from posting for 999 days on this occurence for disregarding the previous warning.

Several pm's resulted, the last of which contained this blurb :

Listen here pal. I dont know what kind of power trip you're on, or what pleasure you get out of fooling yourself into believing you're of some significance to others, but you're showing off in front of the wrong guy. I've tolerated you long enough. I dont see why I should beg to make YOUR site a success. Its not like I'm getting anything out of it anyway. I've wasted enough of my time here. There are much better forums out there where my efforts will be better spent and appreciated. This site sucks. All my effort for nothing today. I'll be sure to spread the word. I'm out of here.

Subsequent to receiving this PM, I issued another warning suspending the account indefinately.

As Buffalohelp has said on many occasions, "we don't need to take this crap".(paraphrased)

All due to the Forum's requirement that there be no posts or topics about or promoting or linking to Warez and / or "non-copyrighted" material.

I guess the point to be made here is that I should've suspended the account straight away on the first occurence??? Your opinions, please.


Personally I think you did the right thing, you gave him the benefit of the doubt. I could have been a genuine mistake and the member did know the content was illegal. If this was the case the member would have heeded your warning and changed their ways. You are not to know this was not the case. I guess some will disagree with me because they have seen this countless times before no doubt. Even so, I believe in giving people at least one chance to correct their ways.

electriic ink

Some people are just jerks and some aren't and you have to assume that every member is "normal." You did the right thing: warn first and then a ban.


by the tone of his PM quoted above, that guy has a superiority complex to think of himself very highly. Xisto is a SUCCESS as it is already. :P and with his attitude, his departure would make Xisto more successful in the long run, as we won't need to have his superiority complex infecting others here. good for him, for choosing other forums to spread his negativism, and good for us, for continuing on without his presence in our forums.1st offense = warning. repeat of offense with utter disregard of 1st warning and utter disrespect of staffers = suspension/ban. we're behind you 100 percent, jlhaslip. :)


I think jlhaslip was too generous :) I would have banned him on the second one. Good call.I have moved the member to BANNED group. If this member returns again then I will enforce the IP ban.Thank you.


What we need to do is to prevent people from getting pissed. Getting people angry only diminishes the reputation of Xisto. I agree that he should have been banned because he posted illegal material, but maybe he could be provided with a friendly message (automated) that goes something like this:

We're sorry, but you have been banned from the Xisto forums for one or more of the following reasons:
- You posted links or hotlinks to illegal material, such as warez, software cracks, child pornography, copyrighted materials (mp3, movies, books etc.) or other material that may be considered illegal or harmful for the forums.
- You posted (or linked to) content that is considered inappropriate for the forums, including pornography, shock/scream flash or images, excessive violent or inappropriate images, excessive profanity, or other content that may be determined as uncomfortable or inappropriate.
- You posted referal links or any links to sites that were made for the purpose of showing referal links, or if you posted links to knowningly invalid scams, or site. (examples: pyramid schemes, http://forums.xisto.com/referal?=1214 etc.)
- You may also be banned for other reasons that may not be on this list.

If you would like to reason your ban and negotiate possible alternative resolutions, please blah blah click here email here contact here etc.


Oh i think he knew he was posting illegal stuff, most likly he posts to other sites as well. Most likly it's his site. but good job though haslip.


Well, he knew he was posting warez. You did the right thing. I probably would have banned him first offence though. Just because that was his first post(correct?).Warez is warez ban them straight up.