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Spam Posts In Spam Topics

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Various members around the website feels the need to post in a spam topic, stating the topic is spam. And then reporting it! I feel like making a post saying "This topic is spam I reported it." just adds to the spam. There are 2 topics I sent to the spam to be adjusted, where the SAME MEMBER posted the same thing, oh, both the topics were the same too, he reported both. It's the cellphone one. I treat this as spam, and serve warnings to both the members. Spam is spam, making a post saying it's spam doesn't make anything better. It just makes it so we can't delete the topic without consiquences.I believe a rule should be implemented, hopefully to lower the amount of warning we need to give, and the members we need to tell what I've said.What are your thoughts?


i'm with you kubi. :) i had the same frustrations with regards to spam of any kind in the forums. it's just that there are more and more "newbies" in our midst who can't bear to read forum rules. we have to attend to them as they come, as new members register each day. hence i'm thinking of us staffers as glorified nannies. :P

the warning would suffice for newbies. at the very least, they are informed not to repeat the same mistake again in here. and perhaps in the long run, they will "mature" and make the forum a better place. :P and if there is rampant violations by a member, then we have no other option but implement a ban on that member.

i always let this message from admin BH guide me in forum moderation here at Xisto (sent via PM february 2006 to mods; can't remember when you got your mod badge, kubi, so this might help. at least, it will be a reminder as well to others reading this. :P):

POST #1 is spam = BAN! The user can create another accountInappropriate topic = WARN!
Non-English = WARN!
Broken English = NOTE with guidance
Wrong/No BBcode = NOTE with strict guidance
2nd time around = WARN!
and other cases may follow...

NOTE is there not only to help the poster but others who are reading them. It if humiliates a member, tough s**t. PM or forward it to me and I'll deal with that member. Don't be afraid of keeping what's important--Xisto forum MUST be pristine. Hosting is just the side effect.

nannies we may be, there will always be a time to be understanding caring, but there will also be times when we have to be firm and stand pat on our duties as mods. B) if they don't heed the warnings we give them, then tough luck for them. "AFFIRMATIVE ATTITUDE" as admin BH would call it. :P


I should the mod team...well, maybe 2 months after I joined? So around august. I might have gotten it.I'm glad someone else agree's with me. Spam is spam is spam. That's my new quote.


Although I have an Idea who your talking about but I won't mention names, I see that occasionally were a post is made about being a spam topic and what not. Usually it is and I close it out and move it forward to the spam topics, but I could have missed a few here and there. But I would agree someing posting a spam post on saying that topic/post should get warned as well.


I agree. Usually when I see this, I just delete the topic if a only a user has posted stating it is spam, so it is removing the credit earned from that, and getting rid of the topic.


Well depends on what they say. If they say "zomg this is spam u bad" that's spam, but if they say something like "Sorry I don't think referal links are allowed. But yes that service is really cool blah blah blah" it wouldn't be spam right?


I'm talking about when they say something like"This post is complete spam, I'm going to report this post"That's spam. Spam post reporting a spam topic.