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I remember on my old forum I had a plugin that made it so when you said a keyword it did something, for example;Keyword: Thread Closed => Closes threadKeyword: Pin Thread => Pins threadEasy enough right?Now I know it might happen, one of us will say a keyword, and it closes the topic we didn't want closed. Maybe it's possible for the script to only look for keywords at the end of the thread, in the same string.So it's not like;Chatter chatter "close" Chatter chatter "thread"Sounds kinda lazy huh? I like this idea though, it makes things easier for us who have slower computers. :]


Am I to understand that you want to perform two tasks (such as post and close, or post and pin) at once?


Well, I will look into such plug-in but for now try this one. Instead of Fast Reply use Reply button and you'll see this option before you submit your reply:


Posted Image


You can reply to a post/topic and perform moderator's function at the same time.


Are you talking about using hotkeys? like if you press ctrl+c you close a topic? I think that would impossible because of multiple topics and posts you would have to define in the script to make that happen.or using hotkey's for a drop down menu? in which that would be more feasable since you would only have like what 10 commends to hotkey in.


I'm talking about typing "Closed" at the end of the topic, and the topic automattically closes itself.I know Buffalo :] I'm just lazy, and I think there's a plugin for it so it shouldn't be to difficult?See, just now, i used Fast Reply :| more convieniant I guess?


I will suggest this mod to OpaQue http://mods.invisionize.com/db/index.php/f/5957/ A screen shot: