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Symbian Have you tried it?

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Hi I am fairly new to this forum, I am here because the hosting package, but at the same time I have found something which has caught my eye and that is programming. I have a question to ask all of you, have anyone tried programming on a Symbian OS? I tried it before and I found it very difficult to understand the documentation. Any pointers for me to take note of? Or maybe you could share your experience here?


I've participated in a Symbian competition about 2 years ago. Basically I found that Symbian programming is really hard to learn. Reasons are:

The documentation is really hard to understand (confusing as well)

Only a few books about Symbian programming (hard to understand as well - proficient in C++ is a must)

Lack of useful examples and tutorials

Poor IDE which cannot really help you to program properly

Certainly since it was 2 years ago, something should be different from what I said above. However, a search in Google would show you some hints on how much (or little) information on how to write programs for Symbian devices. I would not suggest you to learn that Symbian programming. And if you really want / need to learn, I can only wish you good luck.