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I'm just stopping in for a moment, and then I have to leave again (yes, busy at 2:47am. it's ridiculous.) but I just wanted to say a few things.1. I've been around alarmingly little recently, for a number of reasons. Mostly issues in real life that needed to be dealt with, such as a recent eviction notice, and failing a class during my senior year of high school, both of which are being worked on (just today we found a really really nice house. we're going to have roommates, but it's really not a bad deal. and I'm currently enrolling in adult ed to cover the failed class, so I can get back on track and move on into college on time.)2. Another apology for the graphics section. I know I've done a lot there, but I feel that I can and should do more, it feels like things are slipping, but it seems like every time I try to get something started I just get blocked from all angles.Nevertheless, I'm really trying hard to find some time that can be put into T17, so I can do my part to help out, as I should, being a staff member and all. I really hope nobody's too disappointed with me, as I've really caused too much disappointment around me as it is. I'm sure you all understand, and trust that I'm trying.Anyway, I suppose that's it. I'll be around, of course, and anyone can reach me through email, aim or msn, as shown in my profile. Later guys [and girls?].Any questions/comments/concerns can be left here or sent directly by im (or email, if you like.)