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Member Promotion Welcome Truefusion our newest addition to Trap17 moderating team

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Truefusion, as you all know, has been strong supporter of T17 GFX Crew along with all GFX Crewmen. I would like to congratulate Truefusion and a first warm welcome to our moderating team.GFX section has been popular due to all GFX Crewmen and as we plan to grow even larger with Xisto services, I'm glad to have truefusion added to our awesome moderating team.Truefusion, please allow yourself some time to read all pinned topics. And as always, got a question feel free to ask :)


Truefusion, please allow yourself some time to read all pinned topics.

Heh, yeah, i was planning on doing plenty of research. I wouldn't wanna mess up anywhere. Thanks for the promotion!


Welcome to the Team!Always glad to see someone advance themselves. You will have no problem learning what you need to know for Moderating at the Xisto Forum. The Ban Button is easy to find...


Welcome, I'm sure your new powers will benefit the forums anymore, and you always know that mods and admins support your decisions 100%.


Welcome! Hopefully you'll have fun.

electriic ink

Hey truefusion and welcome to the zoo keepers' den. Have fun :)


a very warm welcome to the mods team, truefusion :) see you around the forums :P


Notice from serverph:
the note tags is the most important bbcode tag for a moderator. :P