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Shoutbox Schedule? Any updates available?

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Just wondering if anyone knows what the schedule is for the installation of the Shoutbox?Will we be getting the D-21 back (or whatever the old one was)? Or maybe the Antilost shoutbox like they have at Xisto?


There have been some personal set backs on OpaQue's side... and looks like his school schedule just started. I have offered to lend my hands on this matter.. but my fear is that I may do some irreversable damage since I do not fully understand Xisto forum scripts :)Therefore, it will be even longer than initially anticipated. However we will have our shoutbox back. OpaQue has installed AJAX shoutbox at Xisto. However I personally do not like how it looks. But if it will keep away any exploits through shoutbox by using AJAX, by all means I say go with it...right? :PPlease give OpaQue some time to gather his strength ha ha ha.. no he is not ill... just that too many things happend around him lately. That's all.


Okay, and thanks for answering, BH.


Well if we change the layout of the shoutbox at Xisto (which shouldn't be hard), we can use it :).


And the time of the shouts on the Xisto shoutbox is the member's local shout time, not the viewer's local time, so that takes a bit of getting used to.


Shoutbox issue has been resolved. Please refer to Xisto Forum Board Version Upgraded to 2.1.7


The shoutbox at Xisto is a nightmare. Believe me you do not want it installed here. I can't stand it. It is by far the worse script I have ever seen.


All of the timestames are in the users local time. They aren't converted to your localtime or even GMT. As a result, you never know when the last shout was made unless you saw it change.


All of the times are out of order it seems until you realize the it is the time where the shout was made so a conversation between the U.S. and Australia would have opposing times displayed.


There isn't a way to edit shouts and it doesn't have any filters to prevent crap from being posted like a chunk of code in



Just be happy that the updated and patch shoutbox is online now.


By the way, the Xisto shoutbox isn't the one from Antilost.