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Problems With The Make Money Forum Its getting pretty bad...

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In the make money forum, a lot of posts are about

"Mak mony in 20 seconds just send 100$ to egold accout 123456 and thers a glitch and u get lots of mony!!1 try irt noww!"

and stuff like

try tis it's a good site : treasuretrooper.com/referal_link/12345

and more stuff like

go to freewebs.com/site_with_lots_of_referal_links for lots of money

and even worse, stuff like

send money to 5 people in the folloiwng list and put urself in the top list and u get from 5$ investment to 1000000 in 3 days,i got 500$ today zomg
1.) pyramid_scheme123@hotmail.com
2.) i_suk_paypal@paypal.com
3.) this_is_illegal123@gmail.com
4.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme
5.) etc.

There needs to be post-count restrictions or something where you need at least 5 posts to post in the make money section, or maybe the topics have to be reviewed, or maybe we should just disallow new topics and make topics called "Google Adsense - Discuss" and "Treasure Trooper - Discuss"...

Now... Discuss.




It is admins and moderators' position to delete/move to spam for all non-Xisto worthy posts. :)Issue a proper channel of communication, either in warning or PM, and take a proper course of action. I'm leaving this topic open. PS you can leave STAFF topics open unless it is a specific member related issue. This is to get staff's attention.

electriic ink

I agree with Dooga on this one. Although I may just be looking for the easy way out, I think that disallowing people with less than ~10 posts to make posts in the Make Money Online forum is a great idea because it will reduce the spam on the forum vastly.


However I am against disallowing all Members to start new topics in the forum. The reason is that it discourages people registering and actively posting on Xisto without obtaining hosting. Those members are in the minority but they are still important.


BUT I don't mind the current method....