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Tutorial Request Payment? via Paypal?

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A member (potnuru) wants to request a tutorial and provide the respondent member a $10 Paypal payment for the best reply. He asked me on the shoutbox if that was allowed. I suggested that I had never heard of that being done and would make the request known to Admins and Mods. Therefore, this topic has been made here so that we can all benefit from the reply.

electriic ink

As long as the topic is not made in the Tutorials forum which forbids requests and it's made clear that Xisto canot be held responsible for anything that may go wrong in the transaction of money then I'm sure it's fine.


What forum would this kind of request be in? Perhaps have the user PM the tutorial the person who wants it.


Well, As far as tutorial abides the rules of Xisto, I dont think there will be any problem. It is mutual understand of the members on sharing the money.

electriic ink

What forum would this kind of request be in? Perhaps have the user PM the tutorial the person who wants it.

The request could be in General Talk , general discussions about that request and tutorial entries would go in that topic.


We could then split the winning post into the Tutorials forum for others' use.


This reminds me of Classified Section I once pitched. But the issue was that Xisto cannot be responsible for creating an enviroment where money exchange takes place. This is mainly due to Xisto cannot guarantee payer to be honest... for lack of better words.I do not see a problem with Xisto member posting "wanted" posts (much similar to Domain Name Contest we had in the past) as long as Xisto is not in the middle of it. A member can post, 'I'm sending you $10 dollars for tutorial made for my request send me your paypal address...etc' But the trouble I can foresee is what if another member posts a tutorial, then the requestor does not pay but still uses the tutorial article posted/sent?I want to make it clear to all members that Xisto does not mediate any fund negotiation. If a post is made and you responde, it is the responsibility of a poster and a responder. But to get rid of all headache is not to have it altogther... my two cents.


Maybe the request can be handled outside the boundaries of Xisto? So incase the buyer doesn't pay up, we're not liable in any way. There are many ways this could be done without nessicarily involving Xisto. Because quite honestly, if the person doesn't pay up, the person who wrote this tutorial will most likely be angry, and try and put it on us.

electriic ink

Then we could use this part of the TOS and AUP:


You agree not to hold Xisto or its members liable for anything stated within the forums.

If he posts and doesn't pay up, then we're not liable - although it probably won't be that simple. Wouldn't it just be easier not have the money on offer? For the amount of hosting credits a tutorial is worth I'm sure some members will do it for free anyway....


I completely agree with BH. We don't mind members rewarding each other as long as Xisto stays out of the entire deal.


Very good points have been made here.Thanks for the input from everyone. I will forward the information to ther member and hopefully, this will not become an issue.Thanks to all.