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Closing The Advertisers' Paradise aka the guest forum

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electriic ink

Okay, so I'm sure it's probably been suggested or considered at some stage or another but wouldn't it be easier to close the Guest forum entirely rather than to move all the spam posts into the invisible forum?


Nobody much uses the forum at all and surely new members think it's more productive (credit wise) to register to the forums and post their question in the Question and Queries forum?


Just a thought but I really think it should be done. Your thoughts/opinions/viewpoints?


well, I agree to you. Guest forum is of no use, because if someone has any questions they simply sign up..which hardly takes any time and then simply through up the question (one reason which electriic has pointed out that they want to get the benefit for posting that question is also correct)so, instead of giving the chance to spammers, free advetisers..we can simply close the section.


I don't really like letting guests post in any forum, since I suffer from bots and spammers. The only way I would be convinced to let guests post is if they have to answer a skill testing question (a VERY difficult math AND english question) so that none of the random russian advertisers (not really targeted towards russians, but just stating that most advertisers aren't fluent in english) and the annoying 8 year olds can't post random things either.


I would like to see more opinions of other moderators before I make a comment on this matter. <_< I'll be watching this topic closely.PS I left this topic open because some mods are not paying attention to STAFF section anymore :ph34r: You can leave STAFF topics open unless you want to talk about a member or subject specifically.


Again, I don't think that letting guests post is a good idea. If they want to ask about hosting, they can register for the forums. Not only does registering for the forums show the user's commitement in using Xisto's services, but it also proves that the person understands how to use a forum properly. Frankly, some of the "im new sory i dun no how tis workz" is really annoying. Making a guest forum doesn't make it convenient for anyone, since we can't really identify the guests, making it possible to immitate someone, and harder to moderate. A guest forum, is something like a guestbook, and we all know guestbooks aren't exactly effective. Of course, that's my opinion, and I might occasionally ramble on even more so bear with me <_<


Yup, force the user to register. Eliminate the Spamming that happens.


i'm ALL for closing the guests forum! :( it consumes time for staffers to close, make invisible, split, and merge each and every single guest post with the GUEST SPAM thread. <_< most likely those guests who continuously spam this forum use proxies to hide their IPs, and even if we have the system to BAN via IP, they would just return and post more spam with another IP altogether.if ever they decide to register, and make spam posts as a member, then it would be costing them much time than the current setup where they can post as guests. we might just as well make it "harder" for them, is all i'm saying, even if we come to suspend their membership in the end. :ph34r:


Guest forum is now set to new topics only--instead of new topics and reply. From now on guest can only make new topics and cannot reply to existing threads. Why not disable guest post altogether? I'm thinking by allowing just a new topic, moderators can just move the post to spam rather than splitting, renaming topic and move to spam section. The reason all current guest spammings are collected in Moderator Invisible section is to gather spam IP addresses and it's also easier to search for the topic and merge. If spam IP log topic was to move to Spam To Be Adjusted, we'll have even longer time to find that topic and merge with the rest. Let's start with this. It is pretty important that guests are allowed to post in our forum. If the problem further exists, I will consult with OpaQue and see if we can close the Guest Forum all together.


How would the guest reply to their own topic? Isn't the point of the topic to let the guest clarify or understand some questions? And most spammers only make one post as a topic anyways, so it won't stop spammers... <_<


How would the guest reply to their own topic? Isn't the point of the topic to let the guest clarify or understand some questions?

Yes, it's a dilemma. I guess what I thought I was doing at the time was, 'the first post is free. Once you get to post a question and you want to follow it up, register and ask away...'
I rarely saw guest making a new topic--just posting reply. Let's see how this goes and make the next step when we come to it.

electriic ink

There must be some sort of addon which forces guests to verify themselves before they post. Like the one with the random numbers displayed as an image which you have to type into a text box. Surely there must be a modification like that on invisionize.I'll check later if I have any time...


Yeah, if you really wanted to add a captcha you could, but it would be much easier (and better in my opinion) to just permanently get rid of the section. The guest forum is literally useless imho.


Perhaps a "post count" limit for the "Make Money Online" section? Seeing 1-post-members posting their referals is quite annoying...

electriic ink

I have an easier solution to the Make Money Online problem - [HOSTED] and above can only start new topics.


900 posts! <_<