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Permission if its ok

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hello there everyone, Its a been a 2 days since ive not posted int trap.. Coz im home.. when we are in the field i got sick. so i'll be back to the field after my recovery.. so since i miss you all of here.. Im back to again here.. heeh Thanks a lot Xisto !!! you rocks !!!

anyway, I've visit my site again and iv'e already fixed the errors from it.. although there still only one remain the block for user info which the login form is " _BLOGIN " . To proceed, Can i submit mp3 downloads to my site ? but the files is not hosted here in Xisto. I find it more entertaining to my friends and also me coz when Im in a cafe i couldnt find my favorites songs sometimes. hehe.. so I would just like to ask if its ok for trap ? if not, I can do nothing but to obey. :)