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Is This Copied Content?

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This post looks to me like it is copied from the FlashMX help files. I don't have the program so I can't verify, can someone else verify that it is copied?


yes, it definitely is a copied content. here is a FLASH MX Tutorial PDF file i found online (which i viewed via HTML):

start from page 5 of the said PDF, and scan to see a verbatim plagiarism. up to what page i didnt compare thoroughly, but keywords i entered (whole sentences from post above in question) yielded references to higher pages such as page 68, etc.

anyway, i leave it to avalon to do the proper moderation of said post. i think a review of that member's other posts should be made also. :)


Ban the member. If he/she is truly serious about following our simple forum rules he/she can make another account and start again.I'll ban the member, in fact. Thanks for catching.