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On July 3rd, I'll be on a 12 hour non-stop airplane flight to Taiwan. I'll would be in Taiwan for the remainder of the summer. If you don't already know, Taiwan isn't some rural communist place, it's actually a throughly developed and educated "North American copycats". Anyways, enough about Taiwan, lets talk about my inactivity.Well it's not like Taiwan doesn't have any internet or anything, I can still access Xisto daily (for a shorter period of time though). However, I don't even know if the computer in Taiwan still works. I have a busy "internet schedule" that I have every time I use the internet (since I'm really busy online... I've got 3 other things to moderate, like DMOZ, RateMyTeachers etc. and I have a site to maintain from spammers, and I have an MMORPG that I have to be active in, or else I get kicked out of the most famous guild in the game). Anyways, this also means I won't be very active. Last year I remember having 90 credits when I left, and when I returned, I had only 10 left. This probably means that I don't have the capacity to be very inactive. However, I probably only have like 8 credits right now, so I'll be as active as possible, not neccessarily fot the credits, but just doing what a moderator should do.Hopefully what's left of the staff will read this.....And if you're in Taiwan (which I highly doubt), feel free to pay me a visit while I walk around the city, trying to make every single automatic door open.