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Trap17 Search Plugin For Mozilla Firefox pinned topic disappeared?

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whatever happened to the Xisto search plugin for mozilla/firefox? pinned topic at Hosted Members Area for this has mysteriously disappeared: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

just wondering, since i think it would be a good resource to promote (in my sig, anyway) nowadays that more and more new members fail to do a search before posting redundant topics. :)

is the plugin outdated already, and would not work with current firefox versions? if not yet outdated, can the XPI be restored for quick install? and can the pinned topic be resurrected? :)


I don't know how and what happened, but as I recall it was moved to Alerts and Notices section. However the topic looks like has been deleted because it is no longer pinned in Alerts and Notices section. I'm in the process of reviewing the log to see what happened to the topic.If you are the "creator" of the plug-in please repost in hosted member's area and MOVE it to Alerts and Notices section, leaving the moved link behind. Please delete the existing moved link. Only admins are allowed to create new topic in A&N section therefore, the move is necessary.Thank you and sorry for accidently making one of the best post on Xisto go disappear... :)


i found a google-cached page for this, Buff! :) i'll simply leave it up to you (or original poster: miCRoSCoPiC^eaRthLinG) to re-create the post. :)

the search plugin is still safely hosted at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ -- just installed, and tested with firefox myself, and everything seems to be in order so far with the latest firefox version. :)


This is funny, the Google cached page is using the old forum layout... way back from last year... I'm surprised that Google keeps their pages for so long after they're gone. This makes me think if Google actually deletes their cache or not... :)B):):)


This topic has been resolved and now closed.Thank you m^e and especially serverph for finding the lost treasure!