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Member With Two Accounts?

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Teenalee72, Tinalee1972

Erm...did this member have a name change or is it two accounts? It seems to be the first, but I'm just checking. There's two different names but they link to the same profile, it seems.


this has got to do with different login and display name for a member, i would think. :) login name shows for the shoutbox, and the display name shows for the forum posts -- yet one and the same member. maybe this will help explain it:


Phew~~ I thought I approved the same person with two accounts.Even if a member is found to have more than one forum account, I think members can have as many multiple accounts as they want in Xisto as long as only ONE hosting account is used per person.


Alrighty then, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the input.