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Stuff Is Happening Strangely Might be a Maintenance thing?

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I just went to check a report and got this error message:

The cache 'mc_cache' is not being loaded by the IPB wrapper, index.php. If the installer was unable to make the change, you will have to do it manually.
Step 1: On line 220 in index.php find:
Step 2: Change to:
Step 3: Save and Upload

And the shoutbox is missing? OpaQue is on-line. Might be something he is working on?


possibly... although i didn't get that error. it's just the "missing" shoutbox which alerted me.


OpaQue is updating to 2.1.6, which is just a secutiry patch really but expect some errors just in case.

referring all questions and posts to this link



Yeah, I'm getting the error too. I guess we'll have to wait for an update <_<


I noticed the shoutbox was missing just now. That makes me really sad. It's like a chunk of the family is missing there.Glad we're keeping up to date with IPB versions :)*Go OpaQue*


OpaQue will be coming back with full force once his exams are over and done. Please relay the message that the board will be on a constant upgrade until OpaQue has more time. Once OpaQue can devote full attention to Xisto business, he will reveal some new services for Xisto and across the Xisto Corporation. :)Stay tuned...


Once OpaQue can devote full attention to Xisto business, he will reveal some new services for Xisto and across the Xisto Corporation. :)
Stay tuned...

What do you mean by this? :| I'm all curious now..

[sorry about being off topic..]


Kinda like waiting for Santa Claus on Xmas eve, isn't it?


exams! alright crack them OpaQue.Even I've got some to crack at my end - gosh when this graduation will get over !


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