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How We Should Deal With Potential Scams Protecting the users on the forum

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We all know that the Make Money section is very popular... we all know what everyone wants right? Well the people who provide the service also want money, and some even scam to get it.

In order to protect our members, we should research every service posted in the Make Money section, and verify that it is safe. This is a simple action of searching for it in Google. For example, if you search "SurfJunky" in google, you are bound to find a few dozen sites that think it is a scam.

The following link is how I dealt with a potential scam.

We should come up with a template of words that should be duplicated and used each time we find a scam. It isn't the user's fault for trusting the service, so don't warn anyone who accidentally give out a scam website. (Although the warning BuffaloHelp gave was because of referal links, hence making that post irrelevant to this subject.).

I hope everyone gets what I am trying to say...