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Shoutbox Rule Update

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The shoutbox rules needs to be updated.With the new rules SM past, and a few of us follow, the newbies to the forums are at an unfair advantage.So someone in the shoutbox can you please put "Keep runescape chit-chat in the gaming section" or, "Keep ALL gaming related chat, in the gaming section", to make it more fair, instead of pinning it on one game.Thanks.


As I have expressed before, please use your discretion to limit runescape topic from being over run the shoutbox.However, this will not be set in stone since this forum was founded at the theme of games related topics. Please direct a member to find a topic to discuss by posting the question but the shoutbox should not be "blocked" from discussing topics that are related to this forum.If a member was asked not to "flood" the shoutbox with one particular topic and disobeys, you are to ban that member from the shoutbox--just as though a member used censored words or broken the rules.


Ok.The reason I posted this is because I recieved a complaint from a member saying this is unfair to new members.I'll start just warning the member(verbal) before banning.Thanks!